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Why everyone should have a Cactus!!

Are you drawn to the cactus, you may unknowingly admire its ability to thrive in adverse conditions that would overwhelm a plant of lesser strength. The spiritual meaning behind the cactus lies  in its hard protective exterior,  its endurance and strength to survive in new environments and situations. The cactus is resilient and strong. Having… Continue reading Why everyone should have a Cactus!!

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Living a life you Love

So many of us don't even like our lives let alone love it. Do you love your life or just endure it? Do you wish you had someone else's life?   Don't just wish for a different life, live life on purpose. Do something about it.  I sat for years wishing my life would change. Doing… Continue reading Living a life you Love

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Do it for you!! Love your Beautiful Self!

We all have them … insecurities about our bodies: I’m too fat. My butt is too big. Why can’t I have abs like her’s? Throw that self-doubt out the door and stop comparing yourself to others. LOVE YOURSELF for who you are because that’s what makes you unique! Loving yourself means treating yourself right, so… Continue reading Do it for you!! Love your Beautiful Self!