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Get Your Self-Care on for Mother’s Day

This is for all the women out there who feel trapped in a cycle of, “One day, I am going to eat healthily, lose weight and really take care of myself.”

It’s time to take care of you now, and we are here to help.

We know that it’s hard to find time for you, its something we all put off. When you actually do finally take time for yourself, you probably can’t relax. Why? The old guilt sets in. Your thinking that there are other things more important things you should be doing, not wasting effort on yourself.

That’s part of being a mom. That’s part of being a woman. You put others first.

But consider this. Putting self-care off is not good for you or the people who depend on you. The only way you can keep attending to your many responsibilities and joys is if your health is optimum.

When your health starts declining, you will have no choice but to focus on yourself.

Wouldn’t it be better to take care of yourself now and know what it feels like to be fit and full of energy and still be there for those people who depend on you?

It’s hard to start

Starting something new is always hard. In fact, it is probably the hardest part.

It may be hard because you’ve tried before and failed. That doesn’t matter anymore. You are not alone this time. We are here to take the leap with you every step of the way. Let us look forward, not backward.

It may be hard because you have no idea where you will find the time to exercise. Time management baby girl.

It is extremely hard changing life-long patterns of unhealthy eating, and it seems completely undesirable right now. We’ve been there. And believe me; if some of us can do it, you can too. The amazing thing is that once you get a taste of the energy and vitality that eating well and exercising brings, you won’t look back. Self-care must become part of your day!

Waiting is dangerous!

Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs on Meal Planning, Time Management and a look at the latest pampering products.

Drop a comment, let me know your go-to time out for self-care.


Have questions now?  Drop me a line.




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